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Emergency Medical Services

St. Tammany Parish Fire Protection District Number Four (the "District") is committed to delivering the highest quality of services to the community and its visitors. In keeping with that commitment, the District operates an Emergency Medical Service / Advance Life Support Component (the "EMS/ALS Component"). Currently, nearly three quarters of the District's workforce are nationally registered and state licensed paramedics.

The District maintains three in-service ambulances at all times and four in reserve or stand-by. Additionally, the EMS/ALS Component can deliver emergency services from equipped rescue and rapid response vehicles where terrain or conditions make ambulance travel impossible.

During fiscal year 2015, of the 5,346 emergency (911) calls received by the District, approximately 70% involved a response by the EMS/ALS Component. As a result approximately 3,000 patients were treated and transported to area Emergency Departments for definitive care. To keep pace with increasing community needs, the EMS/ALS component continually stays abreast of cutting edge training, technologies and practices.


The District and its EMS/ALS Component are committed to the privacy protections expressed under state and federal law. These commitments involve providing patients with the required privacy and security over their protected health information. A more detailed explanation of HIPAA rights are outlined by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and can be found at

Notice of Privacy Practices

The EMS/ALS Component maintains it HIPAA privacy notices in both English and Spanish. The Privacy Notices explain patients' rights under HIPAA. A paper copy of the Privacy Notice is provided to all patients at the first time services are furnished.

Questions, requests or complaints concerning our privacy practices can be addressed by our Privacy Officer who can be reached by telephone at 800-516-3075 or by mail at 709 Girod Street, Mandeville, Louisiana 70448, Attention: Privacy Officer.

Use and Sharing Information

Generally, written authorization from the patient or his/her representative is required before protected health information will be released. However, there are several exceptions to this rule explained more fully in our Privacy Notice.

Exercising Patient HIPAA Rights

Patients wishing to exercise a HIPAA right must use the following EMS/ALS Component form(s):

St. Tammany Parish Pre-Hospital EMS Protocols